Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slumber Party

it's 2am on saturday night/sunday morning, and i find myself in the unenviable position of being the only one awake at a slumber party. ok, that's a bit of a misstatement for two reasons: first, as I can tell from the sounds of annoyed yowling, the cats are still awake. Second, this isn't so much a slumber party as a sleepover. It's not unusual for The Captain to sleep over - he's done so at least once per week for the last three years. What makes tonight different is that his daughter is asleep in the living room. At least, I hope she's asleep. I've been out into the main living space a few times, and she might be a light sleeper. I am hoping I didn't disturb her. Trouble is, her dad is a bit of a noisy sleeper, and with the Giant Arm. Cast of Doom to contend with, staying asleep is hard for me. Normally I'd go into the living room and watch tv and play Facebook games until I feel sleepy again. However, the addition of another person using the living room as a bedroom complicates that. Here's hoping that the combination of pain pills, otc sleep aids and beer kicks in soon. Otherwise, tomorrow at work will be less than fun,

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